Top 5 Kitchen trends in 2019

The all-white kitchen has dominated Pinterest boards for way too long and we are so excited to see all of the new kitchen trends taking over in 2019. While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of an ultra-bright white kitchen, there are plenty of fantastic alternatives to take in for a more rich and enchanting look. And it should go without saying that all white kitchens are much harder to keep clean on a daily basis, so why not consider bringing in some distinctive hues to create a more memorable kitchen.

From industrial-inspired concrete surfaces, copper, pewter and gunmetal features, statement hanging pendants and gorgeous built-in wine rooms and home bars, we have it all covered for you. The team @ The Interior Designer has listed our top 5 kitchen trends for 2019; that we know you will simply LOVE.

1/ Copper, pewter and gunmetal are some of our favourite kitchen trends in 2019. They are not as harsh as matte black and they give such a glamorous texture and depth to fixtures. Definitely worth looking into these for a fresh look in your kitchen.


2/ Statement hanging pendants are all the rage in kitchen trends and we see this trend staying. It is perfect for an open-plan space featuring hard finishes that gives a luxury Italian influence that suits a wide range of homes. Make a statement with a conversation starting set of pendant lights, as they’re perfect for adding ample lighting to wide open spaces.

Tip: it is a great idea to extend the statement hanging pendants into the living areas near the kitchen to keep the theme going throughout your home.


3/ Bringing the outside in is a huge trend as people are increasingly seeking connections from nature. Bringing nature into the kitchen creates a warm, welcoming and calming environment and the use of timber and wood is a timeless, versatile material. Many of our clients love the light, airy feel in their home and bringing timber and wood into the kitchen space is a great way to achieve this warmth and depth in your home.

4/ Digital Technology and wine fridges are shining in 2019 as digital technology is driving innovations and new pleasures in home appliances. As technological advances continue to enhance our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that the movement finally made its way into our kitchens. From remote light controls to smart screen display fridges, there are plenty of genius updates to take advantage of for the best in kitchen design ideas.

Even large wine fridges, WIFI coffee machines that can have your flat white ready for you when you wake and one of our favourites is the restaurant-quality single pour preservation systems. Digital technology is a growing trend and expect to see a lot more brands bringing out innovative products for the kitchen throughout 2019/2020. Reading that makes you want a coffee (or wine) now, doesn’t it!

5/ Mirror Mirror on the Wall yes, mirrors. This is kind of a sneaky one but has recently come up on our radar (hence it being a 2019 trend). It does potentially require more cleaning (water and oil splatters) but boy does it look good. Mirrors always make a space feel bigger and brighter so why can’t that include the kitchen?? Check out our mirrors range!

We love ALL of the 2019 kitchen trends and hope we have given you some inspiration. #kitchengoals

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