The Top 8 Pantone Colours For Interior Design Winter 2018

The Top 8 Pantone Colours For Interior Design Winter 2018

Interior design for winter 2018 is proving to be a colourful event. The top Pantone colours for fall and winter 2018 show a wide range of different shades, from deep blues to creamy oranges, providing plenty of options whether one wants to bring these shades in with decorator pieces or accent pieces, or by painting entire walls. The top 8 Pantone colours for interior design winter 2018 include:

1. Quiet Grey – Quiet grey is a timeless and soft grey, and one you can incorporate using furniture to accent like the Amelia Armchair in Grey or accent rugs, table lamps, an event entire walls.

2. Sargasso Sea – Sargasso Sea is a deep, rich, and velvety blue shade that looks particularly striking with Quiet Grey when used in winter interior design palettes. When using Sargasso Sea in accent walls or larger areas of a room, lighting design should be a priority to keep the space bright.

The Top 8 Pantone Colours For Interior Design Winter 20183. Quetzal Green – Quetzal Green is the perfect jewel tone for winter 2018, with a rich and luxurious deep blue green hue. For winter-friendly pops of colour, Quetzal Green is the perfect place to start.

4. Ultra Violet – Alongside Quetzal Green, Ultra Violet is a bright jewel tone addition that keeps things vibrant even in a winter-friendly interior. In accent décor and wall art, Ultra Violet has an incredible ability to naturally draw the eye.

5. Red Pear – With cosy warmth and depth, Red Pear is a classic fall and winter shade that never goes out of style. This colour works in glamourous looks, organic looks, café styles, and vintage or contemporary, and can be one of the simplest tools in winterizing your space.

6. Russet Orange – Orange is an autumnal classic, but it actually travels quite well with earth tones into cosying up a winter space as well. This earthy orange is perfect for organic chic spaces, and works particularly well alongside other warm neutrals or deep and dramatic earth shades like Red Pear.

7. Mellow Rose – Rose is everywhere this year, and no season is void of its own shade. Mellow Rose is a traditional sort of English Rose shade that brightens up a winter space without venturing out of season. A piece like the Blush Pink Velvet Rivet Cushion gives you an instant Mellow Rose accent.

8. Tofu – The winter season of 2018 is all about warmth and luxury, and Tofu is the true neutral staple of the season. This colour is a warm and creamy white shade that keeps your space both airy and cosy all at once.

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