The Right Lighting For Every Space In The Home

The Right Lighting For Every Space In The Home

Every space within the home has a different purpose, and for this reason, different lighting schemes should be particular to each space. Some tips for finding the right lighting for every space in the home include:

• Create a cosy hallway – The hallway is often a forgotten space, but these pathways to different areas of the home should be given a welcoming and comforting aura. Overhead lighting in simple styles, like the Adele Mirrored Pendant, turns your hallways into the warm guiding spaces they were meant to be.

The Right Lighting For Every Space In The Home • A practical and relaxing living room – During the winter months in particular, living rooms become indoor sanctuaries. While we may entertain on the patio or in the backyard in the summer, these gatherings move inside during winter, and living rooms become where all the action happens. For this reason, setting a relaxing mood is important, and this can be achieved using the right designer lighting. A soft and elegant chandelier is ideal for creating this type of light, but we can’t forget the practical use of the room as well. While we may spend our time watching and entertaining in the space, reading, working, and other activities may require more light, and this is where layering comes in to play. Designer lighting with table lamps and floor lamps, like the simple Dallas Floor Lamp and Hexx Table Lamp, allow your living room to become an inviting all occasion space.

• A relaxing bedroom – The main focus of the bedroom, in terms of lighting, is relaxation. While a brighter overhead light might be necessary for some tasks, the beauty of this space will rest in your accent tables and table lamps. Additionally, a floor lamp near a vanity or dressing area can serve as the bright light when you need it, while you keep the space in ambient low light for the rest of the time.

• A practical spa bathroom – Your bathroom can double as your place to ready yourself in the morning as well as your relaxation oasis. Layered lighting over the mirror and on the ceiling can allow you to choose the lighting you need, much like in the bedroom or living room, while remaining atmospheric for various activities. While in a relaxing bath you can choose low-light, but switch to brighter light when it’s time to wash up in the morning.

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