The Colour Psychology Behind Grey Interior Design

The Colour Psychology Behind Grey Interior Design

Interior design colours can really transform the entire look and feel of a room. For sleeping spaces, a serene blue can bring us a feeling of calm, for kitchens, the colours green and yellow have been shown to enhance appetite. The colours red, purple, and orange are known to be energizing, enhancing creative energy. So what about grey? Grey is one of the biggest colours of the 2018 winter season, and in terms of the psychological effects of the colour grey, they remain something of a mystery to many.

The Colour Psychology Behind Grey Interior Design Grey can be viewed as a “serious” colour, making it a popular choice for office spaces within the home, but this isn’t exclusively the case. While some shades of grey can create a motivated and “down to business” space, other shades really play up grey’s warmth and versatility within interior design. While often viewed as serious, grey is well known as a secure shade, or a cloaking shade that gives off a feeling of hiding. This latter aspect of grey is a big part of why it’s one of the top colours of the season.

As a cloaking colour, grey presents a certain feeling of safety and security from the outside world, giving it a unique cosiness quality lending well to a feeling of hibernation. Due to the mammalian nature of human beings, the winter season is a natural season of hibernation, which allows your grey interior to provide an oft-needed winter comfort. To bring this hibernation quality to the bedroom, where most winter hibernation will occur, the Central Park Headboard is the perfect piece.

It’s also important to consider the greys you’re working with, and to take note of your particular shade of grey when choosing accent décor, decorator pieces, or accent lamps. Greys come in both cool and warm tones, and the tones you choose will have an effect on the cosy feeling. Cooler greys tend to say more of “I mean business” while warmer greys tend to communicate a feeling of comfort. A warm grey space with an accent lamp, like the Marbled Wraith Table Lamp, may be perfectly suitable, while a cooler space could require more lighting to brighten up the space. Additionally, the accent colours used along with your chosen grey should be warm or cool to match the base tone and atmosphere the grey interior design creates without clashing.

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