Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Table for Christmas Day from the team @ The Interior Designer

Celebrating the festive holiday season is the perfect excuse to put your decorating skills to use. From setting up your home to planning the perfect parties with your loved ones, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to style and decorate your Christmas table.

For picture perfect moments with the family, we all want the Christmas table to look divine! We also want it to look different every year. So whether you’re looking for a traditional Christmas setup or you want it to look a little extravagant, here are 7 ways you can decorate your Christmas table to make it the most Instagram-worthy setup!

 1.Shades of Green

Use live miniature trees as the table’s centre piece and surround them with dried rose hips. For shelves surrounding the table, use lush garlands to add to the scenery of the entire setup.

2. A row of Mason Jars

If you’re looking for a cozy table setup, use mason jars and add a layer of epsom salt at the bottom of each jar and fill the rest of jars with either cranberries and juniper or scented candles. Line them up alternately on the table as the centerpiece. Use plates and napkins with matching red accents to complement the jars’ design.

3. Wreath Place Cards

What do you get when you string cranberries onto a piece of wire and add some tree trimmings onto it? The cutest handmade wreath place cards there are!

4. Cinnamon Stick Candles

If you are looking for a very minimalist look, use cinnamon sticks as the table centerpiece by grouping a couple of them around a candle and wrap them with a red or silver ribbon. Add a few pinecones on each plate to complement the candle décor and give your table a rustic chic look.

5.Framed Ornaments

Use extra Christmas ornaments for your table setup by putting them on a beautiful frame! Who says they only belong on Christmas trees?

6. Just Like Heaven

If you’re dreaming of a white (heavenly) Christmas table setup, place birch-bark trees on a row as the centerpiece for your table and add small angel wings on each chair to get into the holiday spirits.

7.Branch Out

When you’re feeling creative and in the mood to “branch out”, use a long tree limb and place on top of the table to display ornaments. It’s like an extension of your Christmas tree and adds a dramatic effect to your Christmas table decorating.

We hope these very easy Christmas touches have given you some inspiration for styling your Christmas table this year.  Visit us today @ for more design and Christmas inspiration.