Stun With Drama Using Black And White Hollywood Glamour

black and white interior design australia

Few styles are as dramatic or as elegant as Hollywood glamour. If you want to pair this sophisticated style with a bit of a bold flair, there is no better way than going with black and white. While you may think that an entirely black and white room risks blandness, you see quickly that the opposite is true. These bold hues work off of one another to allow the eye to travel around the room naturally, so every guest can fully appreciate your skill in decorating and design.

With such a bold design choice, it’s understandable to feel a little intimidated. Using only two colours, there’s not a whole lot of room for error, but styling in black and white Hollywood Glamour style is actually really simple. To begin, start from the bottom, and first focus on your flooring and floor covering. A simple and perfect choice is our Harbour View Rug, which uses a classic white pattern on a black background to start your black and white Hollywood Glamour look.

Stun With Drama Using Black And White Hollywood GlamourNext, you’ll want to focus on your furniture. If your furniture is on white carpeting or flooring, you may wish to opt for black pieces with soft fabrics and classic designs. Our Black Cushioned Stud Sofa has a classic look, pops of edge and Hollywood style with stud details, and the perfect black tone to offset the white flooring around your black and white area rug. If your flooring is black, you’ll want to put the pop of white in the area, and our Haven Sofa 3 Seater is just what you’re looking for to suit this need.

For décor and wall covers, an accent wall is a great idea in a black and white Hollywood Glamour room. An accent wall using a matte black paint or black and white wallpaper can bring a lot of interest in the space, but you can opt for simple if that’s more your style. For pictures and frames on the wall, place white frames on primarily black walls and black frames on primarily white walls, so you’re always creating that dramatic contrast. In black and white Hollywood Glamour rooms, some find that statement pieces really make the room, and there is no better way to make a statement than with lighting. Since glamour is a big part of Hollywood Glamour, don’t be afraid to go over the top with elegance using a piece like our Allegra Chandelier in black or white. If table lamps are more your style, AfterPay makes a piece like the Alexia Table Lamp in Black really accessible.

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