Shop the Look – Stylish New Collection

Out stylish new designer collection is full of luxe and sophistication.

From the dreamy soft grey ergonomically designed velvet sofa for perfect comfort and stylish looks to the limited edition Saskia handcrafted chest in gold brass is a covetable showstopper. The bold tones of the room keep the look vibrant and classy. A combination of marble pieces, set against a clean background make this an inviting formal living space.

To SHOP THIS LOOK for your living room, our stylists have curated a selection of the perfect pieces.

If you are ready to upgrade your bedroom to a relaxing, whimsical space, the Interior Designer can help. We carry all the you need to create this dreamy look, and the personalised services to help you put it all together. Contact us to learn more about how you can level up your own bedroom!