Shop The Look – Monochromatic Maximalism

monochromatic interior design

There is nothing more striking than a bold monochromatic look. Pairing black and white creates a sense of drama and chic sophistication. Though the look offers a minimalist colour palette, there is nothing bare or simplistic about Monochromatic Maximalism.

The monochromatic colour scheme highlights the lines of each piece creating a space where pieces from a range of decor styles from Gothic to Craftsman to Modern fit together easily. From the elegant curves of the chandelier to the pop art piping of the chair, the form of each piece offers a rich tapestry of interest, creating a stunning visual impact.

If you’d like to bring this look to your home, please enjoy our handpicked selection of furnishing and decor:

Scandinavian Waldorf Chandelier – Black

Long Island Arm Chair – White

White Dream Canvas Painting

Layla Mirrored Planter

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