Shop The Look – Indigo Dream

Shop The Look - Indigo Dream

The whimsy of tropical decor reimagined into a polished, functional space. Indigo Dream offers a vacation without ever having to leave your home.

Stylish pieces offering a blend of matte metallics and mirrored finishes, are set against lush, comfortable fabrics. Subtle nods to paradise like the pineapple chandelier, temple jars, and an abstract azure ocean painting remind us of an island retreat without the kitsch.

The result is a space both opulent and elegant, but comfortable and relaxing. Perfect for escaping the stress of daily life.

To SHOP THIS LOOK for your space, our expert interior designers have hand-selected the perfect pieces from our product line:

Cocktail Antique Mirror Coffee Table

Lourdes Arm Chair

Goldie Stool

The Miccah Temple Jar in White

The Twirl Rug

Sea Change Oil Print

Strip Elsa Cushion – Black

Nikita Square Cushion

Chevron Candace Cushion Square

Chevron Candace Cushion Rectangle

Landon Storage Box – Blue

If you are ready to bring practical sophistication into your own home, the Interior Designer can help. We have everything you need to create your dream look. We offer high quality, one-of-a-kind home furnishing and personalized design services to help you put it all together. Contact us to learn more!