Buy Metallic Flair Furniture Online


Adding metallic elements to any space can help create a look of luxury, glamour, and wealth. If you love and appreciate a more modern design aesthetic, then metallic elements would be good to personalize your space. Metallic elements can fit into several design categories including contemporary, eclectic, rustic, and even traditional. It all depends on how you use the accents and pieces in the room.

The picture above includes gold metallic accents and pieces paired with black and white. The gold really pops and offers a very rich and luxurious setting for the space. Metallic elements can be added through the means of accessories, fixtures, furniture, and even mirrors that you use.

To SHOP THIS LOOK, please consider the following gold accented pieces and accessories to create a conversation piece or even a focal point for your metallic inspired space:

Gold Lustre Wall Art

Tribecca Pendant-Gold

Minx Temple Jar- Gold

Conrad Buffet

Marina Storage Boxes

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