Hamptons Style Interior Home Decoration

Hampton's Style

A Hamptons style living room encompasses a more relaxed and serene look and feel and incorporates a lot of white, neutral tones, and some more natural elements. You can also find pastel colours and silver accents on some key pieces in the design.

A Hamptons inspired space often evokes the feelings you would have on a vacation or getaway, and the space mimics that same comfort and joy you feel. White walls and neutral coloured curtains make an ideal backdrop for this space.

The above design offers a mirrored effect to create an aesthetically pleasing setting that is the same on both sides. It offers a more modern and contemporary feel to the style.

To SHOP THIS LOOK, consider the following pieces to add to the overall design of the room:

Marrakech Mirror-Large-Antique Silver

Riley Sofa-Natural

Ivory Coast Rug

Minx Temple Jar – White

Carrington Tray

Camilla Cushion

Hampton Iron Chandelier

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