Cafe Inspired Living Room – Home Decor


A cafe inspired living room includes elements of black and white, natural colours, and even gold accents to make a very comfortable, eclectic, and elegantly styled living room. A darker olive-green wall paired with a white or neutral coloured couch will provide you with a great start. The more personal touches come from the cushions you select, the accessories, and the way you piece the entire look together.

Finish off the room with a few fresh flowers and a magnificent and eye-catching chandelier that would make a great focal point, and you have a room worthy of entertaining, relaxing, and contemplating.

To SHOP THIS LOOK with ease, we have included a few key pieces to consider when pulling the café inspired living room look together for your own home:


Dallas Console Table

Paolo Table Lamp

Oscar Chandelier

Spike Wall Mirror

Dallas Coffee Table

Hex Table Lamp-Black

Baxter Armchair

Harbour View Rug

Stiletto Ottoman

Caesar Cushion – Black

Alexi Cushion

Nikita Cushion

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