The New Way to Design your Home

The New Way to Design your Home

There are several different ways in which you can redesign or renovate the interior of your home without having to break the bank and shed tears during the process. You can even repurpose existing pieces in the home to attain the style and design you want for the space you are renovating. It is simple and easy to do and will just cost you time to take your space from old to new and fresh.

A few elements in the home that can be repurposed include appliances, interior doors, cabinetry, door and cabinet hardware, double glazed windows, furniture, and even light fixtures. In every home, there are pieces that we love, but we aren’t sure if they will fit into our new design dreams as we move forward and redecorate the interior of our homes.

Adding Accents and Texture

Let’s say you love the furniture in the living room, and you already have a neutral coloured wall, but you want to add some drama and character to the room. To do this affordably and effectively, you can add artwork, textured pillows and rugs, and even new curtains to completely transform the space without having to do any heavy lifting.

Adding texture to the room can also add more dimension while creating a more comfortable and inviting space. Dimensional artwork, textured rugs, chenille, or even weathered or distressed wood can add another element of character to the room.


Changing your lighting options are also a way to transform the space. If you have a smaller room, then the right lighting can actually help you make the room appear larger and more open. Lighting can also affect the mood of the room. For example, increasing the amount of light in the room can cause the room to become cheery and bright. Lessening the amount of light can make the room appear colder or even more romantic depending on the mood you are going for and the way you restrict or dim the lighting.