Luxury Style with Hollywood Glamour

Luxury Style with Hollywood Glamour

Creating a luxury style with Hollywood Glamour is much easier than you think and is a very attainable style choice. Hollywood Glam takes you back to the 1930’s in Hollywood where glitz and sequins were everywhere. Lots of texture and patterns and different fabric choices are also incorporated into the Hollywood Glamour design to give it the edge and sophistication it is known for.

Hollywood Glamour is plush, elaborate, and indulgent and can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Old World Glam

Old World Glam draws inspiration from the Baroque and Gothic eras as well as a more Victorian type style. It is old world and classic and incorporates dramatic and theatrical elements of the design that are sophisticated and refined, yet elegant and fresh.

Vintage Glam

Vintage Glam incorporates a Bohemian style while boasting of brighter dramatic colours. It is more eccentric than the other Hollywood Glamour style choices. Crushed velvet, gold and silver accents, glass and metallic pieces all tie the room together to create a vintage feel.

Cutting Edge Glam

Cutting Edge Glam focuses more on minimalism, modernism, and a clean aesthetic. Accent neutral colours with bolder pops of colour. This design speaks to glamour and Moroccan with an exotic yet refined look and feel.

If you are looking for a more exciting change in your home, then consider Hollywood Glamour.