5 Ways To Make The Most Of A Smaller Kitchen

Kitchen Interior Design Tips - Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of your most used spaces in your home, and when your home has a small kitchen, you’re met with a pretty frustrating challenge. With the right interior design, however, you can make the most of a smaller kitchen, while getting all the functionality and design potential you want.

5 ways to make the most of a smaller kitchen:

  1. Use unique storage – Kitchen interior design with unique storage not only looks great, but it helps to create more functional space from a small kitchen area. Install shelving in open spaces within the kitchen or just outside, to open up the space both in looks and function.
  2. Buffet storage – Who says all of your dishes need to be kept in the kitchen? For easy table setting, using a buffet table in a dining area, like the spacious Alistair Mirrored Buffet, places your dishes and flatware where you need it most, while freeing up some much needed cabinet space in the kitchen for other appliances and tools.5 Ways To Make The Most Of A Smaller Kitchen
  3. Pay close attention to your handles – Believe it or not, your cabinet handles make a huge difference in your kitchen. In a smaller kitchen, large cabinet handles on your cabinetry will cause the kitchen to have a bulkier and more claustrophobic appearance. Instead, opt for sleek and stylish cabinetry handles to create a sleek kitchen interior design appearance.
  4. Open tables and chairs – Large and heavy furniture in a small eat-in kitchen will look bulky, taking up the small precious space you have. Open tables and chairs like the Replica Eames DSW Dining Table and White Eames Replica Eiffel Dining Chairs bring an airiness to the space that makes the most of the small area you’re working with.

Use wall space

Installing minimalistic shelving along the walls will help you to use up some of that vertical space your kitchen has. Use these shelves for décor pieces, lighting elements, appliances or stylish cooking tools. Using your vertical wall space will also free up any counter space your small kitchen has. This will give you a better space to prepare meals and incorporate your favorite bits and pieces of kitchen interior design.

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