Interior Design Australia

Interior design is never something you absolutely need.  Whether you live on the east, south, or west end of Australia, you’ll find plenty of people who will tell you that function is better than form and “interior design” is just how your rooms happen to fall out.

But while you don’t need to coordinate your curtains to have a functioning home, keeping a clean and cheery house can make all the difference in the world when you come home from a stressful day at work.  Clean lines and clean surfaces make a room easy to look at, and a good paint colour can make the furniture pop out and help you appreciate your style even after you’ve seen the room a thousand times.  So for everyone looking for interior design in Australia, check out what’s on offer at The Interior Designer.

We Curate, You Choose

At The Interior Designer, we take an active role in helping our customers come up with a modern, fashionable design.  All the furniture, lighting, and other products we offer fit in with the styles and sensibilities of modern interior design in Australia.  And so while you can search through our catalogue for the kind of furniture and decorations you want, you can also shop by style and see how our extensive offerings fit into design styles like the fancy carvings and sewing of French Provincial, the deceptively simple lines of Hamptons Coastal, and the constantly changing tastes of the Modern look.

Because we keep one eye on fashion and one on our stock, you can always feel confident that when you visit our site that you’ll only find products that match the modern fashions of the country.  Thanks to our help, you can feel confident that your new look won’t start its life as yesterday’s news.

We Can Personalize Your Designs

Perhaps you have something personal in mind for your home, a vision that you know you’ll love no matter what the top designers say is in or out of style for interior design in Australia.  It is your home, after all, and so the ones who live in it should have the final say.  Even if you aren’t a fan of our current catalogue, we can still help you leave our site satisfied.

Starting recently, our site has begun to offer online consultations with our fashion and interior design experts.  These consultations start by having you give us your preferences on styles and colours along with the space you have available, and from there we can work with you to develop a style and design that matches the look you want.  And while we’ll use as many of our own products as we can, we can also help you out by managing the ordering and installation process.

We Make Buying Easy

It’s important as an online shop to offer the best shopping experience possible.  That means your products should arrive on-time and in good condition, and that the buying process should be quick and easy.

That’s why The Interior Designer has partnered with PayPal to give you as few checkout headaches as possible.  Because of their services, we accept all major credit cards directly as well as PayPal accounts, which means you can transfer money directly from your bank account if you set up a connection on your site.

We also work with the company  .  Thanks to their services, you can buy up to $1,000 in products from our store and pay off the bill in four installments made every fortnight rather than all at once.  Setting up the payments is easy:  just choose Afterpay as your payment method, pick a debit or credit card to use for the payments, and you’re set.

Something else we can do is accept unusual orders, like orders made over email or international buyers who want to enjoy the interior design of Australia.  We can’t guarantee shipping costs for overseas purchases, but you’ll certainly know what they are before you pay.

So if you’re on the lookout for a new interior design in Australia, have a look at what we offer.  With several fashionable styles and enough rugs, couches, beds, and other products to fill every room in your house, not to mention personal consultations for room design, The Interior Designer is the first and last stop you’ll have to make.