How to give your kitchen a re-fresh for Spring

Spring is absolutely the best time to make changes to your home that you have been thinking about all year. There are so many fabulous things that you can do to spruce up your kitchen and we have outlined 3 of our favourite tips and tricks below.

1/ Choosing new colours for your kitchen:

Use contrasting colours on walls, counters and floors to help with depth perception and this also adds a huge amount of visual interest to your kitchen. We recommend when choosing colours to go with either one neutral shade and one bold colour to give impact to your kitchen or focus on a contrast by having neutral wall colours and then a bold island in the middle of your kitchen.

We also love the concept of adding layers of interest when working with a neutral palette, by integrating patterns and different levels of gloss and matt to give a layered kitchen look.

2/ Storage is your best friend!

If it is within your budget, you can integrate advanced storage solutions into your kitchen facelift. Hidden draws, pull out pantries and pull out corner solutions are always an excellent investment and draws can often hold up to 30% more items than shelves.

Well-designed kitchens always have smart storage and will ensure that everything that you need on a daily basis is within easy reach. Ample storage in your kitchen is going to give you a space that you enjoy cooking and spending time in, as it won’t be cluttered and messy, with a place for everything.

3/ Just a quick and cost-effective kitchen update:

Sometimes you just need to update some kitchen pieces to make it feel like a total overhaul! This can be as simple as changing out bar stools, pendant lights, cabiniets or shelving. We recommend you choosing accessories, textiles and wall art to give the feeling of a kitchen remodel with a visual impact at a relatively low price point.

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