How to choose the perfect Chandelier

We love to keep our eye on upcoming trends @theinteriordesigner and one of our absolute favourites is seeing the love of chandeliers being reignited. Many people have held the belief that these stunning pieces can only be featured in a grand space or in a formal home, however statement chandeliers are more popular than ever!

If you are looking for a gorgeous featured piece, that draws the eye and makes a statement in your home, then look no further than a stunning chandelier. They are the most exquisite way to bring both luxury and elegance to any space. We are seeing an increasing surge in these beautiful interior pieces and many different materials, textures and shapes are being created.

If you are thinking about adding a beautiful piece to your home, to add the perfect finishing touch to an already beautiful room, here are some tips and tricks to think about when shopping.

  1. If you are thinking about installing a chandelier in your dining room, make sure that you have at least 4-5 feet of distance from the walls around the room, as it needs to float without knocking into anything. You want it to be a statement piece, like a knock-out piece of jewellery and you don’t want anything getting in the way of its majestic beauty.
  2. We would recommend for an entryway, hall or living area that for every foot of ceiling height, you allow for 3-4 inches of chandelier height. This will ensure that again, it is a featured piece, however you have created enough room around the stand-alone, beautiful piece.
  3. How many chandeliers do you actually need? Sometimes having 2 or 3 smaller pieces (for example, if you have a long table that you want to illuminate) or an island, having smaller pieces is a better option.
  4. Make sure you consider the overall theme and style of your home when choosing the perfect chandelier. For example, modern luxe, industrial, playful or vintage-inspired, you want your featured illuminated piece to compliment your space and add to the overall feel of your home.
  5. Finally, are you choosing a piece as a SHOW STOPPER or something small and elegant to add a graceful, formal style to your space? Choose the effect that you want the chandelier to have on the space, in addition to the above tips and tricks.

How exciting that you are thinking about bringing a new and luxurious piece to your home. As with all of your interior design, be sure to choose a chandelier that speaks to you and lights you up. After all, you are the lucky one getting to enjoy it and look at it every day! We are so excited about the possibility of what the interior design world is bringing to 2021 and be sure to check back here for more blogs and inspiration throughout the year.

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