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One of the most often overlooked design elements in any home is lighting. Light is often treated as a functional necessity, rather than a style element as important as the wall colour or furniture choices. At the Interior Designer, we offer a variety of lighting options to help you master light design in your home. One of the best options for beginners to start designing with light is with floor lamps. The lamps themselves come in a variety of styles, but they also offer a variety of different styles of lighting.

The Three Different Types Of Decorative Lighting

Before you get started picking out your floor lamps online Australia from our great selection, it’s important to know the basic types of lighting:

● Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting provides the whole space with illumination. Ambient lighting is most often achieved by ceiling lights, but in spaces with no ceiling fixtures of inadequate lighting from ceiling fixtures, floor lamps can provide this type of lighting.

● Task Lighting: Task lighting is assistive lighting to help you perform a variety of tasks, such as reading, cooking, or enjoying your hobbies. Floor lamps can really help you achieve task lighting because they can be easily positioned in an ideal place and provide lots of overhead lighting.

● Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is where light design gets really fun. Accent lighting can add drama to a room by creating mood with different kinds of light. It can also accent specific furniture or architectural features around the home.

Designing With Light

Now that you are familiar with the different types of light, you can begin working on a light design for your space. Start by assessing the needs in your space. Do you need more illumination in the space when it’s nighttime? Do you have a reading nook? Do you want to create a romantic, cozy feel at the end of the day? Once you have in idea of the types of lighting you would like you can begin choosing one of the floor lamps online Australia.

How To Choose A Floor Lamp For Your Australian Home

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right floor lamp for your space. Though it may be tempting to just pick a lamp because you like the look, there are a few things to take into consideration such as:

● What Kind Of Light Do You Need?

The most important factor in choosing a floor lamp for your space is the type of lighting you need in the space. Do you want a floor lamp for task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting? For ambient lighting you will need a floor lamp with multiple bulbs that are unencumbered by shades like the Collette Floor Lamp. For task lighting you need something with a metal shade that concentrates the light in one direction like the Snapper Floor Lamp. Finally, for accent lighting you should select a piece that has a warm or darker shade like the Dallas Floor Lamp.

● What Is The Style Of The Room?

Next you will need to match the floor lamp to the style of your decor. For example in a contemporary or traditional floor space you’ll want something like the Sydney Floor Lamp. If you are going for a midcentury or modern look, the Durie Design Sputnik Lamp is a great choice. Finally for luxurious spaces, the gold Bianca Floor Lamp with marble base is ideal.

● Do You Need To Add Balance To Your Room?

When perusing our selection of floor lamps online Australia, think about how the height of the lamp will balance the room. If doorways, tall windows, or even wall art, a lamp can help balance against these features and create a more symmetrical look. Make sure that you take these factors into consideration and compare the height of your lamp before you buy.

Where to Buy Floor Lamps Online Australia

The Interior Designer is the premium store to find unique floor lamps online Australia. We not only offer a great variety of styles to fit your space, we also have interior design services to ensure that you get the right floor lamp for your needs. Our designers will help you review your lighting needs and space requirements, then help you select the perfect one from our diverse selection of floor lamps online Australia.

Browse our great selection of floor lamps online Australia and let’s start designing the lighting of your space!