Finding The Best Lighting For Every Room In The Home

Finding The Best Lighting For Every Room In The Home

Lighting is important in every room of the home. From your living space to your dining room, you’ll quickly find that the lighting that works best in one area doesn’t necessarily translate to the next, and for good reason.

For Your Living Room

You must consider how much time is spent in this area and all of the various activities that take place in it. Layering your lighting is most important. A floor lamp like the Parker Bamboo Floor Lamp, a table lamp like the Sydney Table Lamp, and ceiling lighting like the Antler Chandelier all have a place in the living room area depending on what activities are being enjoyed.

For Your Kitchen

Focusing on efficient and bright lighting is most important, as this will allow your food preparation to be safe and easy to see. In this area, using ceiling light facing downward in strategic areas like over the stove, the sink, and preparation areas is best. A large central light can help to create ambient overall light, but specifically placed lighting will help to keep the space functional.

For Your Bathroom

A central light is great, but lighting over the bathroom mirror and sink is best. Both lighting features work together to create a well-lit space. Use for getting ready for the day or everyday bathroom use.

For The Outdoors

Using too much light will make a person “light blind”, which makes areas not lit very difficult to see. In order to light your outdoor space, you’ll want to focus on balanced low lighting all around your outdoor recreational space. This evenly spaced low lighting will help to keep your space well lit, but safe in the darker regions as well.

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