Designing A Cosy Sitting Room

For the winter season, there are few better feelings than coming in from the cold to a warm and inviting sitting space. Your home is your sanctuary, and you want it to feel that way no matter what the weather may be outside on your way to it. Designing a cosy sitting room is the perfect way to create that comforting space this winter season, and there are a few tips that really make it simple to do so.

Designing A Cosy Sitting RoomFirst and foremost, using plush fabrics gives your room the look and feel of being wrapped in a big cosy blanket. From the rug, to the sofa, to the pillows and blankets, looking at luxurious fabric choices provides an immediate cosy visual appeal. The Joshua Sofa in Light Grey is crafted from supple velour, and in a colour that naturally promotes feelings of security, comfort, and cosiness. The Bronti Viscose Flatweave Rug feels buttery with a 10mm pile height. To accent the sofa, the Blush Pink Velvet Rivet Cushion provides a useful piece with decadent softness.

Natural or organic eco-chic spaces also have a natural cosy appeal, as they bring us back to nature in a very natural and sustainable way. Using natural and eco-conscious pieces within the sitting room allows residents and guests to step right in and feel at home in a way that is simply natural. For organic cosy spaces, try using warm wood and neutral tones to invoke some natural brightness and comfort.

When it comes to cosiness, there’s accent pieces that you may look over, but shouldn’t. Ottomans, in particular, can completely change the feeling of a room, and take any sitting area and turn it into an undeniably cosy space that makes you want to sit and stay a while. Particularly plush ottomans crafted from decadent fabrics, like the Splendour Velvet Ottoman, not only make the room look cosier, but bring a physical aspect of warmth and comfort as well.

It’s not only the pieces in your sitting space that create a cosy atmosphere, but the arrangement of these pieces is just as important. Rather than setting furniture far apart or within corners of the room, arranging the furniture in a circle with an ottoman or coffee table in the center promotes an atmosphere of natural cosiness, closeness, and conversation. Rather than a sofa, some complementing accent chairs arranged within the space can help to make the room more casual.

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