Cushioning your Style

Cushioning your Style

If you are like me, then you understand the importance and value that a few good pillows can have on a room. They can help you define the style you are reaching for while accenting the colour foundation you already have set into place.

There are so many different colours, styles, designs, and textures that you can find that can enhance the room, add comfort, and set the tone. Cushions are pieces that can be easily and quickly changed out according to taste and season and they are relatively affordable.

The biggest mistake anyone can make is matching the cushions to the colour of the couch. Doing so takes away a lot of their appeal and doesn’t do much in the way of pulling the other colours in the room together. Different patterns, colours, and textures that complement the style of the room are ideal for creating a cohesive and finished design.
Mixing and matching solid colours with textured and patterned cushions are good to help define the palette. It is best to choose three key colours in the room to focus on, but be careful that they mesh together rather than clash. We love sequins as a textural element such as our Vintage Sequin Cushion.

If you are going for a more traditional look, then keep an even number of cushions and going for more neutral coloured cushions such as the Caesar Cushion. An odd number of pillows is better suited for a more modern or eclectic look. You can also mix up the size and shape of the cushions to add more character to the room.

Cushioning your style is a fun and simple task that can completely transform the room and define your personal style and taste while adding comfort and luxury. It is a versatile decorating option that can change with the seasons or your mood and is an inexpensive way to glam up a design or add a more personal touch to your décor.

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