Creating an Amazing and Functional Space in a Rental

home interior design

Just because you currently have a rental does not mean that you have to sacrifice when it comes to the style and design of your home. There are still a few things you can do to help brighten up and customise a rental while still ensuring that you will get that security deposit back at the end of the lease.


There are several different crafty things you can do to create artwork for the walls of the rental without having to worry about damaging the walls in the process. Using scrapbook paper to create a wall decal, washi tape to create a work of art on the wall or create fake picture frames, or even handmade paper flowers can go a long way in creating a more personalised space in the home.

You can also take some old photographs you may have lying around and hang them on a clothesline to add character to the walls and even create a nice focal point for the room.


To add a few accessories without having to put holes in the wall or paint anything is also easy and quick to do. You can hang garland around the door frame to add a few pops of colour to the space, or you can sew a few of your own colourful floor cushions to add another pop of colour to the room.

Finally, adding a few accents such as trendy lighting fixtures, textured rugs, and colourful plants can also add charm and character to the space without altering the room in any way.

If you want to take it a few steps further but are unsure if it will be okay to do in the rental, then it is recommended that you get written permission from your landlord prior to making any changes to the home.

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