Combat Winter Gloominess With Interior Lighting

Combat Winter Gloominess With Interior Lighting

There is a certain gloominess that comes along with winter, and it can make the cool weather season feel even longer. Seasonal affective disorder is something that effects many Australians, and finding the right interior lighting for the season can be the secret to feeling more positive throughout the entire winter season. The right designer lighting with the right placement is often all that is needed to brighten up your winter space and leave your interior design feeling cosier and more welcoming.

First and foremost, never underestimate the power of natural light, even when there isn’t much of it. Natural light during the day, even small bits of natural light, can be reflected with mirror accent pieces like the statement Berry Mirror when placed opposite of a window. To maximize light coming in from windows, do away with or open heavy curtains, and favor sheer window coverings when possible.

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to winter interior lighting, the more is merrier. Layering light fixtures, particularly in the winter season, is never too much, and it provides accent pieces that really add something atmospheric to any room. A statement chandelier for ceiling light, like the Scandinavian Viola Chandelier for a soft or glamourous space, pairs well with table lamps like the equally glamourous Palermo Table Lamp, as the whole room is brought together with a floor lighting fixture like the Collette Floor Lamp. Each piece can be turned on or off to best suit your particular mood or need for light at any particular time.

Your lighting fixtures matter, but so do the bulbs you choose to produce that light. Cold, bright, and fluorescent bulbs may provide ample light, but they may also make the space feel colder or more impersonal, and lighting can be a great tool for creating that feeling of natural cosiness during the cold and gloomy winter months. Full-spectrum bulbs produce the closest type of light to natural sunlight, which can help to provide a warmer atmosphere. However, in offices or focus spaces, lights with a blue-hue tend to promote feelings of focus and alertness.

The right interior lighting within all spaces of your home can help to stave off the wintertime blues. Using light, you’re always in control of the atmosphere of your space, and brightening things up is as simple as flipping a switch.

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