Clutter Intervention

In today’s blog we are going to look at removing the clutter in your home and the best part, you do not need to be Marie Kondo to make it happen! Once you put your mind to it, have a plan and the time to do it, it could become a task that you enjoy, as you find yourself decluttering your mind as you work through your home. We have some tips and tricks from you today by the experts @ The Interior Designer.

Imagine how good it is going to feel being able to find your favourite tablecloth, or the vase that you got from your Grandmother for your 21stbirthday, even just finding where the bulk washing powder is that you bought on special! It is the most incredible feeling, as you know where everything in your home is, as it all has a place.

Clutter creates chaos and overwhelm, as you often just do not know where to start, or whether it is even worth it! Trust us, IT IS WORTH IT!

Your home is your sanctuary, the place to curl up and watch a movie with your family, make popcorn and treats for your kids and share your life with your loved ones, so we know how much you want it to be a peaceful, calm and personal space, for you and your family.

Our number one tip for you today is to break it all down into bite-size pieces and begin a plan of decluttering your home, room by room. We are going to kick it off with the following 4 rooms for you to work on over the next 4 weeks, to make it super simple for you.

Week 1: Kitchen

Week 2: Lounge/TV Room

Week 3: Bathroom

Week 4: Bedroom

Marie Kondo recommends that we remove everything that doesn’t “spark joy”, however what about your cupboard full of kitchen appliances, whilst they don’t spark joy and make you want to do cartwheels, you NEED them to prepare and serve food for your family and friends. It is crazy to ask you to remove everything that doesn’t make you want to break out in song when you see or use it, so it is important to do the following to get the maximum result:

  1. Keep it
  2. Sell it
  3. Donate it
  4. Throw it away

A great tip is to have large tubs or garbage bags with you, so you can choose which category as you go and make the decision to keep, sell, donate or throw!

We love to reward ourselves with a special something to add to a space after we have decluttered, perhaps a mirror to open up the room even more and give the illusion of the space being larger, a gorgeous lamp to add depth and light, perhaps a beautiful print to add colour to the room and add a new dimension, or after clearing the clutter add some storage to the new space, to help ensure the clutter doesn’t keep occurring!

Here are some of our rewards from we adore.

Crawford Mirror


Halia Storage Box – White

Black Coral Framed Art – 60 cm


Something we love about decluttering as once you begin, you often want to keep going as your home and rooms are all looking so amazing. It begins as a challenge and then gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and achievement and you are going to adore how your home feels. You are literally transforming your home, so adding a special new candle, wall art, throw or pillow – or even a new coat of paint is going to make your home feel brand new, all over again.

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