Classic Styling – Our top tips to create a Timeless Interior

In today’s blog, we are going to look at our top tips to create a timeless and classic interior. Classic Styling has a few key elements that you need to consider and we would start by recommending you choose a room’s focal point. Perhaps in a lounge room you have a stunning hand-carved coffee table, that would be the focal point, or a fireplace in a library or reading room.

Adding symmetry is important in classic styling, as you want to highlight the focal point. For example, if you have a fireplace as the feature in your library or reading room, you could add two standing lamps on either side or for the coffee table, arrange a sofa on either side. Focal points are a vital part of a room, as they provide us with not only a point of interest, but a sense of order and calm. We would recommend to achieve this goal that you use the invisible axis, from the centre of your focal point and apply arrangements of different elements on either side. The overall objective is to highlight the room’s focal point and surround this point with symmetrical pieces. This will give your room a sense of symmetry, which is a key element to classic and timeless interior styling.

Another top tip to achieve the timeless interior look is to opt for a neutral colour palette. Integrating a neutral colour palette is going to result in a timeless elegance that transcends. Think ivory, white, oatmeal, warm beige, taupe and very soft greys. If you are going this route, we would encourage you to add pops of colour to your home (otherwise it is going to look very plain and boring) such as blankets, cushions, throws and artwork. Don’t think that it has to be all white (as many people think of classic and timeless interiors), you could also add navy blues and blacks, that are a beautiful complement to this classic style.

A timeless interior style is one that is enduring and will often use natural resources and fibers, such as wood, brick, stone and natural fibers such as cotton. Velvets are also a classic and timeless material, as it is elegant and can add a new dimension of style to any room. You could add a statement curtain or blind, or even adding accessories such as velvet cushions, as it is a timeless elegance, especially when velvet is used with earthy materials such as wood. The unique textures, styles and patterns of mother nature are a key to creating a classic and timeless feel, and wood such as wooden chests, dining tables and cabinets will highlight your love of a classic, elegant and timeless interior design.

We understand how easy it is to fall in love with all of the interior design trends, however if you are looking for a classic, timeless interior, you will want to showcase texture and fabrics that are simple and elegant, such as a simple stripe, botanical or plaid. We love geometrics and they are so popular and on-trend right now, however it is a trend and not something that we would classify as classic and timeless.

Light is another element that can add to the overall classic and timeless style. Beyond just its functional purpose, light can help set a mood and ambience and can act as a visual feature (maybe even a focal point) which can add a classical and enduring touch to any space.

Creating an interior space that is both classic and timeless will never go out of style. Today’s blog has highlighted some easy ways for you to make this happen in your home and we have listed 3 of our favourite pieces below, available at to help bring this elegant style to your home today.

The natural classic round dining table:

Elm Wood Dining Table 2.4m – Rustic Natural

The stunning velvet harlow chair:

Harlow Dining Chair – Grey Velvet

The white classic and timeless mirror:

Reynolds Mirror – White


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