Bedroom Furniture Sydney
Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you can go to get away from the world and relax, even if you share it with your family or flatmates. Your home is a reflection of you, it shows people what you like and what you value, and because of all these reasons people dress up their homes with lovely furniture and decorations.

But which furniture should you choose? Visit most stores looking for bedroom furniture in Sydney and you’ll find dozens or even hundreds of options, and if you check a major website you could have thousands of choices. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad with so much to sift through, especially when you can’t bring each one home to see how it fits in your room, but there are ways to make your decisions easier. Visiting The Interior Designer is one way.

We Vet Our Selection

At The Interior Designer, we don’t list just any piece of furniture. Our staff goes out and looks for the best and most fashionable furniture around, and even then we only choose pieces that will fit well together in a modern or classic style. Our inventory is always changing and always adapting to new fashion trends, so if you see that we’re out of stock on one item or another you can rest easy knowing that we’ll have something even newer and even better replacing it before very long.

All of this means that you won’t have to look hard to find the perfect set of bedroom furniture for Sydney apartments or Brisbane houses. You can shop by room or by article of furniture, or you can click “Shop the Look” and see all the items that fit into one of the furniture styles we currently offer. We’re always coming up with new looks, so check back every now and then and you’ll see some all-new designs that take cues from old fashions while still keeping up a modern sensibility.

We Offer Our Services Directly

If none of our styles seems to be just right or if you’re looking for something specific for your bedroom furniture in Sydney, you don’t have to figure everything out yourself. We offer interior design styling services along with our catalogue of furniture, so you can call on us when you need a professional to perfect a room or completely redesign it.

Our basic consultation is an hour-long meeting with one of our interior designers. What we need from you is the room’s dimensions and any appliances, the colours and fashions you want to see, and the kind of personality you want the room to have. Our designers will then put together mood boards and collages to make sure they’re on the same page, and then they’ll create a design plan for the whole room. We’ll use our furniture if we have what you need, but our designers will point you to other places if they have the perfect items.

We Have Several Payment Options

Luxury furniture looks amazing and offers good comfort and support, but in exchange for all this it tends to be expensive. That’s why we offer as many payment choices and payment plans as possible, so that all our customers can have a way to own a perfect set of bedroom furniture in Sydney. For one thing, while our payment options include the standard list of credit cards, we also accept payments through PayPal. With their help, you can make a payment directly from a linked bank account or use one of their payment plans.

You can also choose a payment plan with AfterPay. AfterPay lends out up to $1,000 for purchases, and then they ask for four return payments every fortnight. We can also work with our customers through emails, and if you live outside Australia we can help arrange the international shipping you’ll need to bring our furniture to your home.

With a long list of styles and all the luxury furniture you’ll need to bring them into your home, The Interior Designer is the perfect website for anyone who wants high-end bedroom furniture in Sydney or the perfect living room in Melbourne. Have a look at our selection, pick out what you like, and if you need some extra help you can always sign up for a consultation with one of our professional interior designers.