5 Tips on creating a beautiful Hamptons Space

Make the classic Hamptons look work for your home with white, timber, blue and natural tones. We are always inspired by the casual and relaxed Hamptons style and love the ocean-inspired hues, warming hints of timber and the natural tones. The Hamptons interior design style continues to capture the imagination, hearts and minds of homeowners around the world. The coastal Long Island beauty is an interior style that is revered and emulated all over the world. The Hamptons style represents a timeless elegance that is simply stunning. The Interior Designer has chosen 5 beautiful ways to inspire you to create the ultimate Hamptons retreat in your home.

1/ Classical and Comfortable

One of the famous traits of the Hamptons style is the classical and comfortable flair. While it appears very elegant, it also needs to reflect the feeling of comfort. Beautiful chairs, rugs, oversized cushions and soft lighting all add to the perfect combination of classic style and comfortable living.

Our top inspirational pieces:


2/ It’s all about the Glow

Beautiful lighting pieces spaced throughout your home will give a stunning ambience. Choose pieces that reflect the rest of your Hamptons styling. For the Hamptons style, look for medium to tall size bases in ceramic or wood and choose some overhead lighting such as pendant lighting over tables and dining areas to help illuminate key areas within your home. We love the White Glass Disc Pendant as it lights up any space to create a soft and subtle ambience.

Our top inspirational piece:

Brigitte White Glass Disc Pendant

3/ Attention to Detail

It is so important to pay specific attention to the finishing details, including mouldings, tiles and accessories, as these all add layers of rich texture and capture the attention of your guests. When choosing pieces for your Hamptons space, be sure to think about where you are going to place each piece as you don’t want the area to appear cluttered. Jars are an amazing feature and also double as storage, which is always helpful around the home.

Our top inspirational piece:

Ventura Temple Jar

4/ The Wonder of White

White is synonymous with Hamptons styling as it gives you the beach inspired theme throughout your home and gives you the ultimate Hamptons experience. White pieces can add character to your home and we recommend pieces such as the gorgeous Merci Coffee Table in white from The Interior Designer.

Our top inspirational pieces:


5/ Light it up like the Hamptons

Whatever style you are going for, a variety of lamps throughout a space adds a subtle ambience to any rooms. Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambience of a living space. Lighting features that illuminate a room creates and transforms the room into a combination of functionality and style.

Our top inspirational pieces:



There are a plethora of beautiful pieces to include in a Hamptons style space and the best piece of advice we can give you, is to create a space that you and your family love spending time in.

Choose pieces that work for you and your family and play with colour and textures and choose accessories to complement one another, with a few key-striking features placed throughout your home.

Our final inspirational pieces:





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