5 tips to add a luxurious feel to your home

“5 tips to add a luxurious feel to your home”

From the team @ The Interior Designer


At The Interior Designer we are all about luxury and luxe is one of our favourite ways to describe a room! We have listed our top 5 tips to add luxury to your home and with the new season upon us, it is the perfect time to do so.

1/ Add lavish lighting to your home. Nothing makes a room feel more luxurious than stunning and elegant light features. Adding new lighting fixtures is a wonderful way to add style to any rooms without sacrificing functionality. Think stunning chandeliers, gorgeous side lamps, art lights and mood lighting. If your budget allows, we highly recommend hiring an electrician to add wall sconces and lights over your artwork. This will give your room a sense of luxury and opulence. One of our favourite lighting pieces right now is:

Oscar 6 Arm Chandelier

2/ Create a layered look. Adding layers to your rooms is going to add a level of luxury and is very easy to do. You can create the layered look through floorings, trims and pillows and these pieces help create a luxury layered look to your home. We recommend adding pillows to lounges and beds to add more depth to a room and give an aura of luxe.  This gorgeous Tiffany cushion will add elegance to any room in your home.

Tiffany Hide And Foil Block Cushion

3/ Create beautiful focal points.  By investing in a number of luxe features and accentuating them within a room, you will be able to easily add a luxurious style to your home. Something as easy as adding a stunning headboard to your master bed and we simply cannot go past this headboard from The Interior Designer:

Louis Upholstered Headboard – Queen Size

4/ Add lush materials to your home. Bring depth, warmth and grandeur to your home by introducing a variety of fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. You can do this through many smaller pieces throughout your home or one large focal piece, such as this divine French Chaise Lounge:

French Chaise Lounge – Black Finish

5/ Large-scale artwork. Adding a large-scale piece of artwork to any room will give an automatic sense of luxury and style. Choose something that resonates with you as large pieces make a big impact and grab attention in any room. We have some unique pieces to choose from and have one of our favourites below:

I’m Blushing Wall Art

We hope these 5 tips have inspired you to create some luxury within your home and we have everything you need at @theinteriordesignerau. For more inspiration and helpful blogs, visit the experts today @