5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Living Room Statement Piece

5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Living Room Statement Piece

In your living room, a statement piece both brings the room together and stands out to the eye. It brings something unique and interesting to the space, but working with statement pieces can also be an intimidating feat for any homeowner. 5 tips for picking the perfect living room statement pieces are:


Pick one and let it shine –

If everything in your living room is a statement piece, you actually have no true statement piece. Your statement piece should be left to make a statement on its own, and you should choose a favourite one and allow that one single item to shine. For instance, the Coco Sofa 3 Seater in Royal Blue is a great piece for making a statement, but in order to allow it to do so, you don’t want to mix it with a statement chair and stand-out table. Keep other pieces simple, and let your statement do what it does best.

Mix your styles –

If your interior design for living room is primarily Scandinavian, throwing in a French Provincial piece can make a bold statement without necessarily bringing in a bold look. For example, imagine the ornate Large Carved Chaise Lounge standing beside the modern and stylish Asta Scandinavian Side Lamp Table with Drawer, and one can see how the chaise pops in the room.5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Living Room Statement Piece

Use your colour wheel –

It may have been years since you’ve broken out a colour wheel and tested out complimentary colours, but choosing your accent piece is the perfect time to do so. A bright pop of colour creates a statement and guarantees to compliment all the other furniture. In an airy yellow living room, the plush navy Stefan Arm Chair makes the perfect complimentary statement.

Play with smaller items –

You don’t need a big piece like a sofa, armchair, or table to make a statement. If you’re new to using statement pieces, allow a smaller item you can play around with, like a lamp, to be the star of the show.

Size matters –

When choosing a statement piece, going with something too large for your living room can take over the space and eclipse the rest of your interior design. In a larger living room, a sofa is a great choice, but be mindful to size down as the size of the room requires.

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