5 Tips For Jumping On The Monochromatic Trend

home interior trends 2018

When looking at the top home interior trends for 2018, one trend keeps coming back year after year. Monochromatic rooms are anything but boring, and working with the same color within a space allows you to play with other features like texture, lighting, or pattern mixing. There are a few tips you can use to better pull off the monochromatic trend of 2018, and 5 of those tips are:

1. Choose your mood first – Do you want your room to be relaxed and cozy? Timeless and romantic? Bold and exciting? The feel you want out of your space is what you should focus on first before ever deciding on a color scheme to go with. For softer and more relaxed or cozy spaces, you may choose to go with a shade that better translates to that feeling, like pink or beige, while a bold blue or green could be a lot of fun for a more energetic space.

5 Tips For Jumping On The Monochromatic Trend 2. Pick your starting point – Your starting point may be your walls, tiles on the floor, or even rugs and furniture, but you’ll need an anchor piece to work your colors around. The Cape Cod Rug Is a stellar piece to work a room around if you plan to use greys in your monochromatic design. The geometric pattern of the rug works well into minimalist, Moroccan, tribal, or retro designs, and allows you to play with mixing patterns within your monochromatic space.

3. Play with different styles – Using monochrome, you’re really given an opportunity to combine different styles into one cohesive looking space. Since the color is pulling the entire room together, you don’t have to worry about certain design elements looking out of place, so you’re able to have a little more creative fun picking and choosing different styles to mix. For instance, taking the modern Scandinavian Three Seater Linen Fabric Sofa Bed in Grey and pairing it with the Hollywood retro Splendour Velvet Ottoman, you’ll see that you can mix styles and textures while still keeping the whole space completely on trend.

4. Use texture to layer – Playing with texture isn’t just easier with a monochromatic space, it’s also pretty necessary. It can be easy to allow your room to grow stale when working with one color palette, so working with texture helps to keep things interesting. A stand-out piece like the Plush Dixie Bed End in white goes with any monochromatic look and brings the eye to an exciting place.

5. Don’t be afraid of a statement pop – When working with basic monochromatic color schemes like greys and beiges, don’t fear adding in a statement pop of a bold tone. This bold pop really brings the monochromatic trend into 2018.


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