5 Tips And Tricks For Choosing Perfect Accent Lighting

5 Tips And Tricks For Choosing Perfect Accent Lighting

Lighting stores in Australia are some of the most important resources for really bringing your interior styling to life. Modern lighting includes layered accent pieces that bring out or tone down various parts of your interior design, and knowing how to use lighting to your advantage will ensure your design breathes depth and interest. 5 tips and tricks for choosing the perfect accent lighting are:

1. Light what you want seen – Lighting is the single best way to incorporate atmospheric drama into a space, and one great trick is to light the pieces you want seen first. If you have a smaller sitting space, for instance, and you wish to open it up using a mirrored table like the AfterPay eligible Hudson Coffee Table in Chrome, use a pendant light like the Tribecca Geometric Pendant to hang over the table to bathe the space in light from above.

2. Less may be more – Another drama-adding tip is to incorporate less lighting for a more dramatic appeal. In a sitting space, rather than using an overhead light or bright floor lamp, placing small table lamps on end tables can create a warmer, cozier, and more memorable look. With the less is more look, the lamp itself can be a statement piece as long as it doesn’t brighten up the room too much.

3. Backlight your accents – Accent walls, wall art pieces, and statement accent décor can be showcased with a little clever backlighting. Floor lamps are particularly useful in backlighting areas near walls, and they can make a beautifully big impact when placed along a wall that uses a stand-out accent colour.

4. Light up focal points – If your space has a particular focal point, this is where you want to direct your light. In a dining room, for instance, using low lighting around the area with light focused on the table will create a romantic interior design look that is as functional as it is delightfully atmospheric.

5. Hide the source – In some instances, hidden lighting can really bring a unique interest to a space. Recessed lighting installed into the ceiling is one way to achieve it, but not the only way. Lamps placed behind furniture or tucked in inconspicuous spaces perfectly backlights different areas of the home while allowing the light itself to shine. Hiding the source of lighting instantly provides a mysterious appeal.

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