5 Lighting Trends To Pay Attention To For Your 2018 Design

Interior Design Lighting Trends 2018

Your lighting has a massive impact on your home. Not only can it open up a space, but it really sets the mood for your style and design. Soft lighting creates a cozy and romantic feel, bold bright lights create buzzing excitement, layered lighting can ramp the mood of the room both up or down as you use different forms of lighting in the room. 5 lighting trends to pay attention to for your 2018 home design are:

1. Soft gold – Soft colors have really been having their moment lately, and these combine with metallic shades for lighting in 2018. Soft gold is right on that cusp between brushed silver and brushed gold, and it fits right in with so many different types of home décor styles. In contemporary designs, Hollywood retro designs, or even rustic or industrial designs, soft gold has its place.

5 Lighting Trends To Pay Attention To For Your 2018 Design2. Refined retro and industrial – Retro and industrial looks never really go out of style, but for 2018 it’s all about using these designs in a refined way. These work beautifully as statement lighting pieces, and their versatility ranges from table lamps all the way to pendants. One such piece that perfectly fits the 2018 refined retro and industrial vision is the Durie Design Gold Sputnik Lamp.

3. Vintage style bulbs – Lighting trends in 2018 aren’t only revolving around the fixtures themselves, but the bulbs are making a big style impact. Vintage Edison style bulbs in open light fixtures add a really unique style element, and energy friendly LED lights made to look like these vintage bulbs give you all the energy efficiency of today with the timeless style of another time.

4. Clean lines – Clean lines in a light fixture give you a modern look, and they add a great style element without stealing the show. One fixture that is a perfect representation of 2018’s clean line trend is the Dallas Floor Lamp in Chrome.

5. Size is a statement – For 2018 the statement part of statement lighting is the size rather than the design. Rather than moderately sized interesting and intricate designs, statement lighting is becoming larger and cleaner, for a really versatile modern approach. One way to incorporate this trend into your home is with the Portia Crystal Pendant chandelier.


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