5 Lighting Tips For Any Home

5 Lighting Tips For Any Home

Light will make or break any room in your home. The proper light will complete the ambiance of your interior design. It will make your home feel cosier while allowing you to enjoy each space. There are many ways to approach natural and artificial light in your home.

5 lighting tips:

  1. Use mirrors to your advantage – If your home doesn’t have as much natural light as you’d like, using mirrors can give you the perfect natural light effect. Mirrors are a brilliant addition to add simple illusions to your interior design. They make spaces look lighter or roomier. Hanging a mirror like the stylish Round Chisel Wall Mirror or the classic Hamlet Wall Mirror will help you to reflect natural light from even small windows, giving you a perfect natural atmosphere.
  2. Add a table lamp – If your living space has recessed lighting, hanging lighting, or any type of ceiling lighting, you may want to layer up the light to give you more or less when you want it. In these instances, table lamps are the perfect addition. When you want a bit more, they’re simple to switch on, and when you want less, they’re just as simple to switch off. A simple table lamp like the Bronte Ceramic Table Lamp goes with any home design décor.5 Lighting Tips For Any Home
  3. Use your paint – When you think about lighting, you’re probably not thinking first about your home design paint colors. However, light reflective colors light bright whites can actually help to reflect light around the room while giving you a brighter and airier feel.
  4. Use lighting zones – When layering light or incorporating light into your interior design in different areas of the home, incorporating lighting zones is a great idea. If you have a sitting room, having a floor lamp near a reading chair that can be switched on and off when in use gives you just what you need when you need it.

Chandeliers bring comfort

If you’re trying to create a comforting atmosphere in a certain space, like the bedroom or dining room, opting for a chandelier is always ideal. Chandeliers spread even and soft ambient light throughout a room, bringing on a cozy and comfortable feel.

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