5 Fabulous Lighting Tips

From the team @ The Interior Designer


“Lighting can diffuse, mask or take the eyes where you want them”. At The Interior Designer we have some stunning lighting pieces that will be the feature in any room. Proper lighting is essential to creating the right mood and really brings a home all together in the end. We have listed our top 5 fabulous lighting tips to inspire every home-owner.

1/ Pendant lights are very much on-trend right now and whether you display them over a kitchen island bench or use them as center stage in a lounge room, they add a luxurious feel to any space. Pendant lighting is a great source for illumination and style and adding pendant lights to any room, is always a good idea.

2/ One of our favourite lighting pieces at The Interior Designer is most definitely Chandeliers. They always add a touch of style and elegance to any room and often can be a show stopping focal point.  You can add a chandelier to many different areas, not just over a formal dining table or entrance. Consider adding one to your bedroom for a unique lighting look. A bedroom chandelier adds ambience once reserved for formal spaces. Add a chandelier to your bedroom to shed light on your gorgeous personal space and enhance your bedroom’s design statement.

3/ A fabulous lighting tip is to add a gorgeous light inside an entryway. The entryway or foyer is a key spot for making a first impression. Whether you pick a bold statement pendant or a subdued, minimalist sconce, your entryway light will set the tone. 

4/ Don’t forget about Lamps. If you’re uncomfortable permanently changing the lighting in your home, you may want to try using lamps to light the space. There are many decorative choices with no installation required.

5/ Invest in sustainability. With almost 60% of Australian homes currently using inefficient lighting, this is the perfect time to implement sustainable and cost effective lighting. Opting for LED and CFL globes, although they can be expensive initially, many use about 80% less energy which results in lower energy costs and less time having to change light globes.

From chandeliers and ceiling fixtures to recessed lighting and table lamps, the variety of light fixtures that work well in a home is as boundless as your creativity and imagination. We hope these 5 tips have inspired you to create some beautiful lighting features throughout your home. For more inspiration and helpful blogs, visit the experts today @