3 Tips on choosing art for your home

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of every day life”


Personally I absolutely love having art in my home. It gives each space soul, depth and personality. A piece of art can visually create a feeling of style and movement and can add colour and drama to any home. Outlined below are 3 tips on choosing art for your home.

1/ Setting the tone

It is very important before choosing art to decide what kind of feeling you want to portray. Is it casual and informal or are you looking for more of a formal feeling. You could be looking for something light and bright for an informal, casual area in your home or perhaps you are going for a formal and dramatic feel and would prefer a framed piece that is structured with dark colours and tones?

The tone will also encompass how many pieces of art you are showcasing in one room. A great tip is if you are having more than one, to have one hero piece and then supporting pieces throughout the room. Too many pieces of large artwork in one room can make the room look much smaller than it is and also cluttered.

If you do decide to go bold and purchase an amazing piece of artwork, be sure to keep it as the wow factor of your room. Consider keeping everything else in the room simple and minimalist, as you don’t want other pieces throughout the room competing with the artwork.

2/ Choosing the right colours and frames

The colour of artwork that you choose will influence an entire room and it is important to show off one main colour in the artwork and then everything surrounding is supporting. Another choice is whether to go framed or unframed? Gold and silver frames are very much on-trend at the moment, as are timber frames.  A great tip is if you are choosing a timber frame, be sure to check your floors to the timbers are not clashing.

3/ Think about scale

When you purchase a piece of art for your home, always think about its size and where you are planning on putting git. You do not want to put a gorgeous but very small piece of art on a very large white wall, or an enormous piece of artwork that takes over the entire room. Think carefully prior to purchasing the artwork as to where you are going to feature the piece.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is just to start. To begin your art collection is only takes the very first piece and from there it all unfolds. There is a misconception that you need to know a lot about art, however all that really matters is that you enjoy it. That it means something to you. You will learn as you discover more artworks and different artists and your passion will evolve, as will your understanding of art. I have outlined below three of my favourite artwork pieces that we have at The Interior Designer and I’d love you to take a look.  #loveart

Sitting Cockatoo Wall Art

In Paris Wall Art

Midday Frolic Wall Art