3 Current Interior Trends

At The Interior Designer we love sharing inspiring ideas and suggestions with you to keep you up to date about what is on trend, our best-sellers and to give you the vision into what pieces you can add to your home. In today’s blog we are sharing our top 3 tips on what is trending right now globally in the interior design world and we hope you love the trends as much as we do.

One of the main trends is no surprise to us, natural materials, with wood (as always) leading the pack! What we personally love about wood as a material is that it is timeless and always unique, as it can take on different colours and textures, from light pine through to a dark oak. Wood also ages beautifully, and we love that it can match any style you have in your home and as always, provides all of your interiors with a feeling of home, warmth and comfort.

As a very on-trend natural material there are so many places in your home you can use wood such as a finishing material for your floors, furniture such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets, wardrobes etc. Wood is also a wonderful material to use for doors and windows and our favourite is when this material is used in hand crafted pieces, such as a rustic coffee table or decorative wall panel or feature. There are so many different ways to add wood into your home and we know that you will love the end-result, it gives your home so much added character and charm.

The second trend that is very popular right now is Bohemian Design, it is gorgeous brightly patterned, multi-cultural blend and collection of layers and elements that are totally and utterly unique. It is a gorgeous interior design option for a relaxed and laid-back feel and often are full of visually appealing pieces all around the home.

More than ever we are seeing a pop of botanicals in this space, as it is the perfect way to add that relaxed vibe and a pop of greenery throughout the home. Hanging plants are uber popular at this time and match the bohemian interior design style perfectly. We are seeing a lot of hanging woven baskets and many different lengths and sizes of botanicals in this popular interior design theme. This particular style offers a lot of depth and definitely a lot of colour, so it is the perfect choice for those of us that have an eclectic style and taste and are passionate about having our memories and travel pieces in and around our home.

With this bohemian style, it most definitely isn’t about empty or blank surfaces or spaces, it is about layering trinkets and treasures from your life and one quick tip from us, be sure to have enough surface space, as you don’t want it looking too cluttered and use your wall space to highlight pieces and display your favourites pieces of art.

We personally this style as Interior Designers, as it gives everyone that uses this style the opportunity to tell their very own story. It is a very special and unique style and we are not surprised at all that it is so on-trend right now.

The final on-trend design style right now is Art Deco, it is making a BIG come back. We are seeing this gorgeous 1920’s design throwback making a grand entrance. If you love the ornate and opulence of bold and sweeping Great Gatsby style, then you will know exactly why it is showing up on our radar as a style to watch out for.

Right now, it is showing as a playful and colourful design showcasing geometry, symmetry and a mix of metallics. Sleek and shiny, this interior design style is all about opulence and almost over-the-top excess. Think glamourous, think high-end style and we believe that imagery of The Great Gatsby sums it up perfectly!

These are 3 interior design current trends that we adore, and we have so much more to share with you and invite you to join us at www.theinteriordesigner.com.au.

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