2019 trends by The Interior Designer

Staying abreast of the latest trends can be confusing so the team @ The Interior Designer has done all of the research for you and we are excited to share with you our top 3 trends for 2019.


1/ The Wellness Kitchen

It is becoming more apparent that we all want to live healthier lifestyles and a trend we see taking shape in 2019 is that of the wellness kitchen. Featuring recycled, sustainable materials with a focus on living produce that is grown in the kitchen; creating kitchens that are their very own vibrant ecosystem.

The wellness kitchen is trending towards a minimalist style that is relaxed and light. We recommend warmer, mid-tone woods that highlight a visual warmth throughout the kitchen. We also see apricot and peach shades featuring, as key colours in 2019 and these colours will show throughout wellness kitchens. The wellness kitchen will be a featured space in the home and the best part; you can style the décor to suit your personal taste that fits in with your family and lifestyle.

2/ Colours of 2019

We see subtle, discreet and light colours featuring throughout interior trends in the New Year. Almost a range of sun-bleached colours with soothing pastels and with a strong emphasis on pale apricot and dusky shades of rose. Natural, peachy and earthy tones will be on point and even stronger rust and reds will be popular throughout design also.

3/ Influences

We see sustainable and natural fabrics being a key trend in 2019. We see natural textiles that will work with décor such as the Hamptons, Boho, French Chic and just about every other style in between.

Terrazzo marble and particularly those with a honed, matte finish will continue to be a hit throughout 2019.

These are just a few trends we see for the New Year. Trends are inspiring but it is important to know that they are just a guide. Decorate your spaces with pieces that are important to you and trust your own instinct and most importantly, enjoy the space that you create.

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