10 Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree from the team @ The Interior Designer

Almost everybody loves Christmas and as soon as the calendar hits December, we immediately get ready for the holidays by bringing out the Christmas tree and decorating it as we please. Whether you aim for a simple elegant look or you want to bring out your loud personality into the tree, there’s always an ornament that helps you achieve the look you want for any year’s celebration.

Here are 10 interesting ways to make your Christmas tree the most eye catching tree there is in your neighborhood:

  1. Using family photos

If you love reminiscing about the old times, how about using small family photo printouts as your tree’s ornaments? Celebrate the good old times by putting them on display using ribbons wrapped around the Christmas tree. Expect family and visitors to keep coming back to it to look at your family photos.

  1. Using pops of colors

Don’t just stick to one or two colors this year! Make your tree a colorful one by using every color on the rainbow on your decorations. Expect your room to explode with lively colors too when you wrap your tree with rainbow lights as well!

  1. Using sweets

Take a trip to the Candy Land when you decorate your tree with sweet treats that’ll make the kids go gaga over it. Whether you plan on using the gummy bear or stick to candy canes and lollipops, your Christmas tree will become one sweet treat for everyone in the family!

  1. Using a unicorn as inspiration

For anyone who believes in unicorns, how about making your Christmas tree into one? Get inspired by the majestic mythical creature and make your Christmas a little bit magical by using an artificial rose gold and a DIY unicorn horn topper. Add a pop of pastel colors on your ornaments and colored lights to give it a wow factor.

  1. Using a blue theme

Tired of the old red and bright green color theme? Make it a blue Christmas by using different shades of blue for your ornaments. Don’t worry, no one will feel the blues once they see this design.

  1. Using flowers

Make it a festive celebration when you surround your tree with beautiful flowers after you light it with different colors. Warning: fresh flowers may not last longer compared to artificial flowers.

  1. Using ice cream

Another fun idea for your Christmas tree is using different ice cream designs as ornaments. Choose different designs featuring a scoop of ice cream on a cone or a cute little cup.

  1. Using white

Give yourself a white Christmas when you ditch the red and green-themed design and just get a simple white Christmas tree. Give it a bold look by covering the tree with huge colorful ornaments!

  1. Using Halloween

In case you haven’t moved on from the spooky season, how about adding a horror element to your Christmas tree? Plan a scary Christmas party centered on the spooky Christmas tree and make your celebration unconventional, unforgettable and fun for everyone too!

  1. Using midcentury modern designs

Give your Christmas tree a touch of classic elegance when you mix modern and midcentury designs to it. Add just the right amount of color to it by pairing up retro metallic decorations with combined retro metallic decorations and pretty pastel ornaments.