10 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home This Christmas From the team @ The Interior Designer

Christmas is a time for large family gatherings, incredible food displays and festive decorations setup on the entire house. We want the holidays to be warm, cosy and joyful thats why we always plan out how to make our homes as inviting as possible for any relatives or friends who visit us. Its the perfect time to come up with creative ways to decorate our homes and set the perfect Christmas mood for everybody.

Either you choose a traditional design or you just want to go all out, decorating our homes for the holidays is always exciting and a chance to get creative. Here are cool ideas on how to decorate your home this Christmas:

1. Bring out the garlands

 Garlands are a classic staple when it comes to Christmas decors so find the perfect location where you can put them on display. Add pinecones and ribbons based on your color theme this year to make them look more interesting.

 2. Get lit

 If youre not in the mood for using garlands at home, how about using beautiful Christmas candles as a substitute? Dress up a mantel with different complementing candle designs and choose colors that add a pop of color such as cranberry red and green.

 3. Keep it feathery

 Do you want to add a little texture to your design? Look for colorful feathers such as different shades of red and green (or based on the color theme of your choice). Add these feathers together with garlands on your mirrors at home.

 4. Use beautiful gift wraps

 Who said gifts cant be used as a Christmas decor at your home too? When it comes to decorating your tree, use a gift wrap for your gifts thats as catchy as it is in line with your theme. Together with the ornaments youre adding, your tree will look lovely not only from tree itself but also on the floor.

 5. Mugs on display

 If your family loves having Christmas mugs as gifts, its time to show them off when you put them on display during Christmas. They can be functional and decorative!

 6. Festive linens

 As soon as December comes around, its time to remove the old linens and replace them with Christmas-themed linens that add a pop of color and bring out a festive energy to the room. And yes, plaid is one of the most popular options to choose from.

 7. Pink Christmas

 Have you ever considered using a pink Christmas tree? For anyone tired of the same old green Christmas tree, consider using a pink one instead. Unconventional? Yes! Beautiful? Definitely!

 8. Make it sparkly

 Time to bring out your arts and crafts materials and add some sparkle for your Christmas decorations. Its the perfect excuse to add glitter on almost anything in your home!

 9. Try origami

 In the mood to bring out your creative side? Try creating origami trees and use them as Christmas decor for your homes and for your office too! For a classic look, use black, gold and white papers for your origami.

 10. Use fake flowers

 Another way to make your home festive is by adding Christmas-themed flowers in different parts of your rooms. Since flowers dont stay fresh for a long time, choose to purchase or create your own flowers using paper. Not only will they last the entire holiday season, you can still use it over the years.

These are some simple and fun ways to decorate your home this Christmas!  For more Christmas and interior inspiration, visit us @ www.theinteriordesigner.com.au