10 Easy ways to store your Christmas Decorations from the team @ The Interior Designer

If there’s one thing we love about Christmas decorations, it’s how we can use them year after year if we just store them properly at home. But how do we keep them from getting destroyed?

Here are 10 safety storage tips you could follow to make sure you can still see your Christmas decor next year and all the Christmases that follow:

1. Clothing rack for your wreath collection

For those who love having wreaths displayed on every window in their homes, there may not be enough space in your closet to store them safely after the holidays. Invest in a sturdy clothing rack and hang them there after wrapping them in plastic.

2.Create bags for your Christmas tree

For families who love their Christmas tree, it’s best to use dustsheets and sew them into bags where you can store every part of the tree properly. This will keep your Christmas tree in pristine condition year after year.

3.Use the shrink-wrap technique

Another way of storing your tree is by shrink-wrapping them. This will keep your tree from being exposed to dust while you wait for another year to pass by before you could use it again. When you take them out again, all you have to do is cut and remove the plastic, then re-assemble it again to look like its stunning self again.

4. Avoid the hassle of twisted strings of garlands

One simple trick to avoid untangling long twisted strings of garlands is by storing them in plastic water bottles.

6. Use resealable bags for ornaments

To keep your ornaments organised, use resealable bags to store them based on colour, size or theme. You never have to worry about losing them at all.

7. Recycle household items

Another option when it comes to storing your ornaments is using old egg cartons or plastic cups with covers. Make sure you cover your ornaments with tissues or papers first before you place them in there.

8. Use boxes for ribbons

When it comes to storing the ribbons, the ornament hangers and the mantelpiece decor, use clear and durable plastic boxes. Not only will it help you avoid losing them, the clear plastic will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for when you start decorating again.

9. Use plastic cups for storage

When you’re planning to place your ornaments in a huge storage box, keep them from getting crushed when you use plastic cups. Glue plastic cups on a cardboard so you can stack multiple layers on top of each other in a plastic bin.

10. Store extension cords using paper towel holders

Stay tangle-free when you properly store extension cords using paper towel holders.

These are some very easy ways to keep your Christmas decorations and Christmas tree in pristine condition for the years to come. For more Christmas and interior inspiration, visit us @ www.theinteriordesigner.com.au